Well, I may not have had the grey pinstripe Tom Ford, but I had the keys to a white Aston Martin DB11 V8 and a laundry list of luxurious appointments for my big day out in Dubai (page 62). Sitting down to discuss which hotels, restaurants and luxurious destinations to call upon in Dubai is like trying to whittle down The Beatles’ back catalogue into a five track EP. The city is an embarrassment of riches when it comes to luxury hotels, but I had a good crack at my own 24-hour road trip around town. It makes me question where call “home” when I reflect on how I know my way around the emirate of Dubai infinitely better than my own capital city, but the gigantic metropolis of London is still something of an enigma to me after all these years. Thankfully we chose to hone in on the city’s effervescent nucleus around Knightsbridge, Mayfair, etc. for one simple reason – within a month or two, central London will be flooded by well-heeled visitors from across the Gulf and beyond, filling up plush hotel suites and valeting their very own supercars. That’s why we wanted to highlight some of the most exquisite hotel stays in the heart of London (page 54), within walking distance of the most coveted boutique shopping, major museums, galleries and landmarks. The like of Jumeirah, Taj and Bulgari feature prominently, for obvious reasons, and we also take a look at The Bespoke London, an impressive organisation that arranges exclusive and exquisite experiences and access to events that may be a little elusive for the average Joe. Stay safe and, when in doubt, book the ticket.