This month, Destinations of the World News travels the world in the usual bon vivant fashion to bring you enticing travel stories and luxury lifestyle. South Africa’s Western Cape, home to luxury eco-lodge Grootbos Private Nature Reserve, is one for lovers of the great outdoors, where flower safaris are on the agenda and Mother Nature is a screen siren. Equally cinematic is Italy’s Lake Como for a summer spent channelling Greta Garbo, staying at grand lakefront hotels and exploring charming villages by boat (all the while keeping an eye out for debonair local, George Clooney), as is the Maldives idyll, Furaveri Island Resort & Spa, another destination covered in the issue. For the golf connoisseurs, we map out a tempting trail through 18 of Europe’s best golf courses, detailing the most challenging and interesting holes; while lovers of Riesling can follow a path around Germany’s Rhine and Mosel valleys, home to one of the world’s most noble grape varieties. Gourmands won’t only find 50 shades of blue in Santorini, they will discover a Greek island flush with fabulous gastronomy, and as for car aficionados? We test drive the McLaren 570S.