DIRECTLY PRIOR TO PENNING THIS ISSUE I WAS HOLED UP IN AN UNDISCLOSED UK RESORT, trying to win the affections of my siblings’ offspring – all of whom are under the age of four. It’s an arduous task to earn the title of “favourite uncle” when you’re separated from your immediate family by approximately 5,652 km. And when your niece only knows two words, it makes FaceTime chats all the more challenging. Yet here I am in Dubai, vaunting a selection of family-friendly adventures for our Family Getaways feature (page 62), attempting to highlight how hoteliers and airlines – and almost everyone in the travel game – are seeking to appeal to families. The real champion of the issue, however, is our cover story: Hawaii (page 58), regarding the rich and varied cuisine of America’s bountiful archipelago. We squeezed a smorgasbord of stunning images and insightful journalism into eight pages but really could have filled the whole magazine with giddying gourmet delights and some pretty top-notch Four Seasons properties to boot. And that’s it for another month. Stay safe and, when in doubt, book the ticket.

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