Having lived in Dubai for the past 13 years, the notion of escaping on an all-important winter-sun holiday had, well, sort of escaped me. But before moving here, when I’d grown long-accustomed to the arctic climes of a UK winter, I’d stare longingly through travel agent windows as they advertised sun-kissed vacations in temperatures and destinations I could only dream of. Then, when I moved to Dubai, where winter weather rarely dips below 20 degrees during the day, there was far less call to seek sunshine elsewhere.

However, then along came Covid-19, playing havoc with my travel plans and, like so many of us, banishing me indoors for several months. But with borders opening and travel back on the cards, I have an itch to just get up and go – go anywhere, somewhere sunny, somewhere exotic, somewhere I can literally taste the adventure. I want to reawaken my travel senses and nurture my curious soul.

And so, this month, we’ve scratched beneath the surface to bring you warm winter wanderlust that goes beyond the beach, taking you somewhere a little less ordinary, where safety and a spirit of adventure live in harmony. From Madagascar to Costa Rica and Marrakech, let these places spark something new in you.

For now, may your travels be rich, wide and wonderful, wherever they take you…