A resort town in the north of Belgium is exploring the possibility of suing the private weather service Meteo Belgique due to forecasting bad weather in the month of August.

Meteo Belgique forecast that the resort town of Knokke, located on Belgium’s coast, would have two weeks of rain in August. Mayor Leo Lippens believed this information would hurt the region's tourism industry.

He said, "We all know we're not in the Cote d'Azur or southern Italy, but we have a fantastic climate here.

"That's public disinformation and when you arrive at that stage, you should be closed down or financially responsible.”

The owner of Meteo Belgique Xavier Lizin disputes the claim, saying that his company has a “published legal disclaimer against responsibility for forecasts.”

Lizin also added in a statement that he plans to take his vacation along the Belgian coast this summer.