Travel felt different when I was younger – more free, more spontaneous, more ‘fly by the seat of my pants and see where I end up’. Each trip moulded to my mood, a city if I felt inquisitive, a beach if I felt lazy, or adventures in the wild when I needed an adrenalin rush. No schedules, just dreams. And the beauty was, I didn’t have to choose a ‘type’ of trip – I went where I wanted on any given day. Now, adulting and a career have crept in, meaning holidays are far more orchestrated affairs with a set amount of annual leave allocated to exploring. I’m torn… Where do I want to go, what kind of holiday do I need, and how do I make one big trip count? Help!

This issue is dedicated to ‘City, Safari & Sea’, bringing you three different holiday styles to help you choose. From the art galleries of Istanbul to the quieter corners of Mykonos to the mountain gorillas of Rwanda… I hope these incredible adventures will help you choose a favourite or throw caution to the wind and book all three.

Elsewhere, we take you on outdoor adventures in Azerbaijan, walking art tours in Rome and on a serene lake-side sojourn in Georgia.

Wherever you head, we hope you have an incredible and enriching summer filled with new memories. Don’t forget to tag us on social media and we’ll come along for the ride!

Emily Baxter-Priest