The New Year often brings a common desire to look inward, for a period of self-reflection where one seeks something more profound to rehabilitate the holy trinity of mind, body and soul after the excesses of the holiday season. In this issue, we search beyond the quintessential spa retreat to bring you a comprehensive collection of great escapes that promise to revive, awaken and replenish your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing – something that goes far beyond fad and serves as a sense of healing for everlasting gain.

Continuing the notion of betterment, we speak to revered explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes about his continued quest to uncover, honour and protect the world we live in for the benefit of the next generation. Having been awarded an OBE and won the title of the first person to reach both Poles by surface travel, his unrelenting thirst for adventure does much to inspire others live a more mindful, curious life that puts the planet first.

Whether your year ahead centres around physical wellbeing, spiritual wealth, career aspiration or other, we hope 2020 is a transformative year that brings you the evolution and prosperity you desire.