Change and evolution is the theme of this month’s edition of Destinations of the World News, in which we examine some of the destinations, hotels and luxury brands that are evolving to cater to a new generation of luxury travellers. We start off in Singapore, where travel companies are putting the fun back into luxury, with innovative design, casual luxe environments and high-end services that deliver unique experiences. In our cover story on London, we examine how the UK capital transformed itself from a culinary weakling in the early 1980s to the gourmet powerhouse that it is today. Also in Europe, Hamburg is still the bustling commercial hub it was centuries ago, but with the addition of streets packed with high-end shopping and luxe hotels. The same is happening all over the world. New hotels like The London Edition have taken the high-end lifestyle boutique hotel to the next level, and luxury carmakers like McLaren are evolving to deliver cars that are as comfortable as they are fast. We also talk to two LA restaurateurs who have breathed new life into the Californian city’s dining scene, and check out come of the latest superyacht concepts that are redefining the way we approach luxury on the waves. Change is the essence of travel, for what is wanderlust if not the desire to change our surroundings, our environment and indeed ourselves?